A web designer with coding skills

A web designer is responsible for the overall look and feel of the website. He/She doesn’t have to know how to code.

A web developer is mainly responsible for the functioning of the website. A web developer actually makes the website come to life. Both are almost equally important in the web world. However, if you have both the two, you are the potent combination. There are a few points that go for both for and against a web designer having coding skills. This article will elucidate both sides of the coin.

One of the first reasons why a web designer should learn programming is that it enables them to talk in the same language as the programmers they are working with. It helps a designer know what is feasible and what isn’t. Web developer may design some layouts that may be outside the expertise of the developers he’s working with. Another reason a designer should know coding is that there is a massive competition in the market nowadays. One needs as much edge as one can possibly get over the competition, and knowing programming is one crucial advantage. Besides, the resources for learning programming are so widely available that one can start with basic websites in just a few hours.


. A good artist must always know the medium he/she is working with, and to be a good web designer you must know the web. A few people of the other camp put some valid points as well. Like some online companies selling social media service such as buy facebook likes.

A common opinion is that if you don’t know programming, you are unlikely to be held back by conventions and can thereby push the boundaries of the web. They also say that a brilliant designer can make amazing designs with little to no coding skills.


So the conclusion that one can draw is that to be an outstanding web designer, you do need to have an elementary knowledge about HTML, CSS and a few other basic languages. However, advanced coding skills are not necessary, and those can be left up to the web developers.

There is one exception to this, and that is when you are a lone freelancer. In the freelancing world, the competition is tough, and everyone is out for themselves. You need to know how to design good looking websites and how to code them to score clients. In most other cases, you can get away with not knowing a lot of coding if you have a team.

Clicking your way to Success: Start your own Photography and Video Business

A lot of people are so engrossed with the thought of establishing their own  video business that sometimes they forget to remember how important it is to make your business venture closely related to your very own passion. On the other hand, many passionate and skilled artists are so engrossed with their artistry that sometimes they fail to realize they could actually acquire more money out from it. Obviously, there has to be an ideal balance between the two perspectives.

If you are natural inclined to photography or video making, then it’s important for you to note how this industry has raised a high demand. Or if you are not naturally gifted in this field but you are somehow interested to try it out, it’s never too late for you. Just keep going and you’ll eventually learn as you go.


The market for capturing moments is currently growing in this modern world. Most people are very much willing to sentimentally invest in the endeavor of preserving precious and breathtaking moments and capturing the aesthetics of things. People are now starting to learn the value aesthetics like never before. This can be a vehicle towards our ultimate goal to financial freedom. However, the main challenge remains to be the quest towards thriving amidst the growing numbers of photographers and videographers in this world.

Here are ways in enhancing your craft and making it a solid venture:

  • Seek to learn – The first step in any career or opportunity that you want is to know more about it. So if you would like to be a professional photographer/videographer, you should seek to know how exactly it is done and how to do it better. You may opt to invest time and money on knowledge in the form of helpful workshops or seminars. This will lead you to the right people to talk and engaged with. This will also somehow build the right network. Another good suggestion would be to find someone who has been in that field and learn from him. You don’t really have to waste time and energy and risk failure by undergoing so much of experimentation and practical experiences. You can save both time and money by learning from those who have been there. Although your own actual experiences are still vital, learning from others would also be an ideal way to widen your views on the matter.
  • Be Passionate – Nothing beats doing what we love the most.. This will create enthusiasm and bring about energy each time you grab a camera or a camcorder. If this is not really what your heart desires and if you’re just doing this plainly to generate cash, then you couldn’t really get the most of it. It’s really way better to enjoy and earn at the same time.
  • Be Original – We do have our own idols or people ahead of us in photography that have their own unique styles and ways. These attributes are responsible for putting them where they are right now. Learn from their styles but make sure you create your own signature on your work. We are responsible for marketing our skills and our own self. Give your customers a reason why they should make you a part of their precious moments. Be distinct and stay original.
  • Embrace failures and learn from it – There are no detours when it comes to real goals. Each of us would confront fallbacks eventually. But the trick is that it is not about how not to fall but how to get up each time we fall down. Consider each failure a chance to learn. Don’t deprive yourself from it.

Not all are gifted with the eyes that can capture moments remarkably. Consider lucky if you have this knack for beauty. Don’t ever be afraid of chasing your dreams. Stand strong and click your way to success. Keep the spirit up and do the business well.

Why responsive web design is In in today’s Generation?

Boosting your online traffic, engagement and even sales revenue comes easy by getting a responsive web design. It is the trend in today’s generation simply because online guests now use various devices to access the web.

Because of the wide variation of devices used today like desktops, tablets and smart phones, making a web site responsive can be a challenge. But with the right software matched with an expert web designer, you have a chance of giving your online guests a wonderful navigating experience.

Why is it important to know the benefits of responsive web design? Discover tips below on how making your web design responsive, so that you can give your online guests and potential customers a great navigating experience. They are more likely to come back because of the pleasant feeling.


Do you know much about software stuff? Web developers and designers keep up with trends. They often use those they are familiar with like HTML or CSS. But if you know how to do this yourself, you get to save too. WordPress seems to be one of the easiest to use. But of course, nothing beats the skills of experts.


The theme, color and font must be aligned with your business logo and concept. Cadbury is purple with cursive fonts. McDonald’s uses red and yellow plus that big letter M. Make sure that your web design can make a lasting impression and boost your brand recognition.


The whole layout can be discussed by the marketer and web designer. Remember that even when you want your site to come out unique, the most familiar icons must be displayed prominently in the usual places. By doing so, readers and shoppers can quickly find the information they are looking for.


What did you get from your responsive web design? More traffic? More engagement? Higher sales revenue?

Use analytics to see what happened to your efforts. It might be time to change a particular aspect in your web design. Check on the loading time of each page. Know which icons must be placed elsewhere. Check on the colors and visual content if they are crisp enough.

Even when you have statistical data to check on the performance of your web design, it is still a good idea to check it yourself. Use various devices especially mobile ones like android and iOS phones and tablets.

Remember that responsive web design for your website is like getting views on youtube, everyone would like to have it.

Creating Style Guides for Your Web Design

A website is your bridge to your potential customers so this is the make or break part. Having an understandable and enjoyable website should be your main concept. Being unique and beautiful is another thing. Remember that appearance may be important but it is more important to give users an enjoyable experience.

How is web designing done? Are there rules or styles to follow? Do you need to be a professional to be able to come up with an awesome design?

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Characteristics of Good Website

Competing for viewers’ attention means every business owner, marketer and web designer must know basic tips on how to create an excellent website. It has to be aesthetically pleasing and enjoyable to use. Since everyone is busy socializing online, you might want to make an impressive social media design. Both beauty and function should go hand I hand. Otherwise, your site can get stuck at the bottom of the millions and millions of invisible websites.

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